whispering dove vineyards
"the alter eagle flies again"

The partnership of Whispering Dove was literally formed one night while drinking and enjoying a rather pricey Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The intensely fruit forward taste of this fine wine turned south on us as we calculated how many hours of work we had to put in simply to afford that wine!

This epiphany led us to take our significant wine industry experience, and look for great sources for grapes from vineyards that have critical acclaim and status. We learned that after a certain point after the expense of grapes and barrels, all ultra fine wines cost almost exactly the same to produce and that more often than not, vintners based their bottle price upon intangible items such as personality, marketing or worse yet-pure ego. That night Whispering Dove was hatched with our motto… “LET YOUR PALATE DECIDE”

The Whispering Dove winery was founded with the sole purpose of returning to the California wine enthusiast both quality and perspective. When purchasing a bottle of Whispering Dove, a wine drinker will be afforded the same advantages of an ultra premium, “cult quality,” California wine without the disadvantage of having to subsidize a wine producer’s extravagant lifestyle. Rather than pay for airplanes, estates, antiques & art, “Whispering Dove” drinkers will pay for the finest grapes, grown in the best micro-climates and produced in collaboration with the finest winemakers and consultants in California. Certainly the costs of grapes today has significantly increased from our first vintage in 2001, however, we still strive to offer a great wine with some relative value. We are going to have some library releases coming up soon.

Whispering Dove has found a great vineyard source in Knight's Valley, just north of Calistoga.  Our Knight's Valley Vineyard is just across the road from a very famous and substantially more expensive than ours.

Now, under the sole ownership of founding partner and 35 year wine industry veteran, Mark Newman, Whispering Dove intends to keep searching for killer grapes that can make amazing wine, without big ego pricing.

Mark Newman

For information and availability contact Mark@WhisperingDove.com
Our Web Site is currently under re-development.....Stay tuned for facts and info on our new releases